The 28 Day Sculpting Challenge Course Package Includes

  • Daily step-by-step assignments that will guide and help you create the shifts needed to reach your own highest and greatest good for this life.

  • These assignments from your Course Manual draw attention to what you are focusing on and the beliefs driving your attention and actions ... Re-emphasize the power of your own current and future life vision and then gently show you back to the ownership of your own dreams and your own life.

  • You will begin re-wiring your own Neuro pathways (brain) so you don’t re-live the “old” habits of life over and over again

  • You will learn to identify and manage triggers that create resistance and stagnant thinking or behaviors

  • You will learn methods and tools for letting go of the “gunk” or old habits that are holding you back

  • You will refocus your energy and power on the steps and beliefs that will launch you forward.

  • You will receive an encouraging email a day from the creators of the program (Marilyn and Dale)

  • You will positively alter the course of your own God-given Life

  • And more…

  1. You will receive;

    • A Minimum of three interactive, 1-Hour Live Tele-Conference Coaching Calls (includes recordings of the calls);

    • Real tools for Altering Your Life Habits, Evaluation, Releasing Negative Un-useful Baggage, Raising Your Vibration, Owing Your Heart, Tools for Healing and more … 

    • Tools for Altering Your Life Habits and developing your "own" Mindful Life and Personally Empowered Belief system.

    • Tools for leveraging challenges to create Momentum, Learning to Live Now Instead of the Past, Tools for Engaged Meditation,

    • Tools for Altering What and Whom you Attract to your life... Tools for Empowered Relationships, Forward-Thinking Movement and more … 

  2. You Will Also Recieve One, 30-minute Private Intuitive Session with Marilyn Lawrence

  3. One 30 to 60 minute Live NOW (life or business or both) Private Coaching Session with Dale (Includes recording of your call)

  4. Access to the Private 28 Day Challenge Facebook page. Interact with other participants, gain confidence, share experiences, grow together, boast drive, and watch for exclusive tips from Marilyn and Dale.

  5. A new and exhilarating reconnection to the excitement for your own life and reconnection to the "real you".

  6. A Re-Sculpted Version of a Life You LOVE Materializing


28 Day Challenge; $150.00. ($125.00 if repeating). $25.00 credit when you bring a friend(s). Go to to order your book ($12.95)

Please know that what you choose for your life is and has always been “your” choice and that not choosing is also a choice … A choice for life as usual. If that works for you God Bless... if it doesn’t, you can choose something different.