“Hi Marilyn and Dale, The teleseminar call was great.  During both the bubble exercise and the sailboat I had no trouble coming up with items…I like how you’re drawing of them at the bottom of your follow-up email illustrates the word phrasing. You two are such a great team…I see the workbook as something that can be reused multiple times, with tweaks of improvement each time.   I now realize this is for my life not just the 28 days.  I believe in this process…thank you so much”.  Steph I. 

“Happy Friday and I wanted to say thank you so much!!!  You are both awesome! I’ve been doing my assignments and working on a better area in the house just for me.  I’ve been reading through my notes and will also download the conference and coaching calls this weekend. Thank you for being YOU! Have a great day... Sending, energy and light. Caroline P.

"Thank U thank U thank U thank U thank U so very much… I am listening to our coaching recording and it is settling in my heart again... I am soaking in what you told me during our call.  Right now I'm hearing you telling to let things allow them to be.  What you suggested to me about learning to allow the relationship to go where it needs to go...WOW that is so deep....hoping the lack of still letting that set in."

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