“Who's Belief and Operating System are you using in "Your" life ?"

In truth, much of how and why we engage in life are learned traits from what we witnessed growing up...And ANYTHING we create, WE can ALTER".  Dale Lawrence

Before you were born you had already agreed to your life's

"Mission Statement", a divinely-inspired plan for your life that,

when enacted, would bring you joy, happiness, and fulfillment.


You were given all of the gifts you would need to succeed in your life and for accomplishing your life's work. And then, we adapted our beliefs to what and whom we witness growing up.

The 28 Day Sculpting Challenge re-connect with your beliefs, your future, your joy, and "your" own unique purpose.

Just as importantly, we will give you the tools and the skills you'll need to sculpt the beliefs within for the meaningful life experience you deserve.