The 28 Day Sculpting Challenge

Re-discovering and Consciously Owning Your Way of Being ... A Sculpting of Your Own Life.

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


The 28 Day Challenge is not a diet. It IS a feast for your beliefs, your heart and your life…It is a devotion to re-discovering your own energy...reinforcing your own beliefs and choosing your own way of being. It is knowing and then living your life on your terms.

The program focuses on helping you understand and believe you CAN take control of your life… your way of being and that you can create a more positive life. “Change your messages and you alter your Life”!


Because you have experienced several years of outside influences to create your current “way of being” or habit of life, you will need tools, inspired teaching and learning based in real belief, real science, and the real success of life many, many others who have implemented the 28 Day Sculpting Challenge in their desire for personal growth.

But first, The Real Science and Thinking Behind the 28 Day Sculpting Challenge

Most, if not all, of your habits and humanly beliefs were created by continuous and repeated absorption of outside influences and behaviors. Often creating a “program” that responds virtually automatically in the brain.

Therefore, it is logical to agree that negative beliefs, doubt and self-sabotage are created by hearing, repeating and acting on negative stimulus's. For example; “you can’t do that” turns in to “I can’t do that”. “You just aren’t as smart as them” turns into “I am not smart enough” … “Don’t put your hopes too high” turns into “I can’t have that” and etcetera.

As the statement or action is repeated over and over we begin to take ownership of it via the neurons in the “prefrontal striatal mid-brain” circuit firing together over and over. Each time the belief or action is re-lived or re-stated it strengthens the neurons and eventually they are stored as a un-conscious thought, habit and a way of reacting or acting in the world you live in.

The question then becomes; Can I (you) alter these beliefs and habits and if so, HOW?

This science tells us that it takes around 20 to 30 days of repeated actions (reinforcement) to create a “habit” or neuro path. The longer or more frequently it is repeated, the harder it is to alter in most cases.

But, one thing is assured, if it takes 20 to 30 days to create, it will probably take the same to begin to alter. So it is reasonable to agree that if you spend 28 days realigning and re-creating your beliefs, you also are altering your way of being.

It usually is not “easy” and with-out a help and guidance as well as a structured and sequential method for alteration, failure and reversion to our old normal (way of being) is often the by-product. The problem for most is lack of consistent access to positive reinforcement, tools for change combined an stress-free method of putting a new way of thinking into practice.


Hence, the 28 Day Sculpting Challenge

The 28 Day sculpting Challenge is a combination of 28 consecutive days of interactive learning. Part live on-line, part live tele-conferences with Dale and Marilyn, part 28 day work book, , part daily reinforcement, part live one on one coaching with the creators of the system; award winning author Marilyn Lawrence and her husband, a noted international Speaker, Master Live NOW coach and noted program of study developer.  


In 28 days, you will:

Gain knowledge of how the energy vibrations you send out via words, thoughts and actions; most of the time without cognizant involvement, is attracting to you the life you are living…both the good experiences, and the not so good experiences.

Learn how to channel, control and be consciously aware so that you can sculpt the life you want to live, by utilizing the simple Magnetic Formula of the Law of Energy Attraction.

Create a vision of the life you want to live. Take proven steps to get there.