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"Courses designed to free the mind of  'old normals' to allow for personal advancements."

The Next  28 Day Challenge Course is:

"28 Day Challenge To  A Mindfully Conscious You!" 

May 5th - June 1st


Isn't it time to LOVE your life again?

The 28 Day Challenges are
no-nonsense courses to unleash the
full potential of your inner being.

This is not a diet. It is a feast for you, your beliefs, your heart, and your life. Science says,  It takes approximately 20 to 30 days to alter or create behaviors, and years to create your life “style”. The 28 Day Challenge courses have been created around this knowingness. Meaning, what could happen in your life if, for 28 days in a row, you were coached, guided, applauded and taught “how” to live that more conscious, balanced and heart-centered life you have been searching for?

The 28 Day Challenges use proven step-by-step, day-by-day guides to molding and shaping the raw talent within you into the person you want to be, and the life you know you were destined to live.

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28 Day
Sculpting Challenge

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28 Day Challenge
To A Mindfully 
Conscious You

Group Course Begins May 5th For The First Time!!!

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28 Day
Business Challenge

Coming Soon!

The 28 Day Challenge Courses

Life-Altering, Online Teleseminar Live Coaching Events!

Proven Results

The many testimonials and people repeating the course are evidence of the huge success that people continue to see in their lives. Listen to what they have to say!

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28 Day TestimonialBrian
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28 Day TestimonialCaroline
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28 Day TestimonialSarah
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28 Day TestimonialSuasn
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28 Day TestimonialDiane
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28 Day TestimonialKim
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What Would You Alter In Your Life?

"We are living in the gestation of our actions.
Don't like what you've grown? Plant New Seeds."

- Marilyn Lawrence

Awaken to a Life of Purpose & Presence

Transformational Books, Audio, Video Seminar Downloads & Exclusive Coaching Sessions with Marilyn & Dale

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