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Marilyn Headshot.png

Marilyn Lawrence

“Do not let fear hold you back from doing the things that you want or should be doing. You agreed to a purpose when you came to this life. If it were unobtainable, you never would have agreed to do it.” - Marilyn Lawrence


Marilyn Lawrence is an Intuitive coach, speaker, and the author of - From Pink to Blue and Back Again: Finding Our Purpose In A Distracting World, On An Angel’s Wing: Real-Life Angelic Encounters and Divine Lessons, A Donavan Memory, I Gave The Sun A Bath: An Environmentally Conscious Motivational Book For Children, The Balloon That Saw The World ( Let go of the weight that is holding you back. The World is Waiting!). 28 Day Sculpting Challenge: Utilizing Energy Magnetism to Sculpt the Life You Want to Live. 28 Day Challenge To A Mindfully Conscious You.


Embracing her path with gusto and passion, via her books, workshops, coaching, retreats, and seminars, Marilyn teaches adults and children alike to recognize their purpose-driven qualities, so they too, can make the difference they were born to make in this life and achieve full-life satisfaction.


Marilyn was presented the Carol Flynn Quill Award at the Women of Impact Gala held at Johns Hopkins University. She was recognized on the cover of Focus On Women magazine, has been a guest on radio shows, and has been quoted in blogs and websites. Marilyn has also been the showcased speaker at various events, and has been featured in newspaper articles and magazines. She enjoys an active schedule of writing, speaking, book signings and teaching.

Dale Lawrence

"The answers are indeed in reach and within each of us...the key is in the process of awakening the sleeper within.” - Dale Lawrence

Dale Lawrence is a gifted and accomplished communicator, and coach who assists individuals with clarity, obstacle resolution, and releasing of old and anti-purpose-driven patterns or behaviors. 


Through healing words and actions, he facilitates the discovery of needed and the unneeded patterns to be realized, embraced and categorized. Whether that is embracing strengths or releasing restrictive programming, beliefs or understanding our emotional reactive behaviors. Dale’s seminars won’t leave you wondering. They are all packed with an ample amount common truths, personal application methodology, tools, humor, and “A-ha” realizations. 


Diagnosed with terminal Systemic Lupus, in 1975 and surviving heart attacks, a transplant, cancer and many, many challenges throughout his life, Dale has followed a belief and career path with one driving focus - "Be" and be consciously awake. 


His deep spiritual belief is that no matter our differences or where we seek or look, each of us at some level has an intense desire to know ourselves know who we know why we know how we get beyond restrictions and embrace a purpose and passion-filled life.

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