You CAN Sculpt a Life of... 

Transformed Meaning 

Inspired Direction




a life of Love & Fulfillment...

ALL Yours to Have NOW

A Real Success ... Kim 2019 - Kim
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Choosing Your Abundant Life - Dale & Marilyn Lawrence
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A Gift to Your Self - Marilyn Lawrence
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A Live NOW Life & Business - Dale
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"We are living in the gestation of our actions. Don't like what you've grown? Plant New Seeds."

Marilyn Lawrence

Love doesn't "just happen". Master the skills for creating Loving & flourishing,



What you believe & how you believe is the foundation of living life as a "whole" being. Re-discover the inner connection to your infinite source of love, forgiveness & grace.

Bring inspired meaning to the 1/3 of your life spent in your livelihood... Connect what you love to do and your aspirations in life to what you're inherently good at ...


Learn how to Live the positive, practical beliefs & habits that give you peace of mind, security and unrestricted               abundance.


Re-learn to use your own natural abilities to break out of destructive, self-defeating cycles

of unhealthy, harmful or addictive behavior.

You can own your life again!

Vision of your future & your future self truly do matter... they are your life.

Learn step by-step methods for attracting a life you Love and then living it your way.

Each of us is on a personal journey of discovery & growth. What you believe is what appears in your life... Let us show you how you can re-inspire yours!

It's hard to sculpt a life you are inspired by if you don't know where you can make alterations. We can help you re-discover the real "you" of you...

Find, nurture & build long-term romantic relationships that are positive, safe, fulfilling.